Swiss Steak Dinner – Friday, February 2nd, 4:30-7pm

Great food and fellowship! We have wonderful cooks, so come and enjoy a hearty, tasty meal!

Annual Meeting of the Congregation – Sunday, January 28th, 2018, 10am

The annual meeting of the congregation will be held January 28th, 2018, following worship, for the purpose of receiving the annual report, approving the budget and pastor’s terms of call, and electing church officers. Church members have voice and vote in the meeting. Non-church members are invited to stay, and get a glimpse of how we Presbyterians do things!

Grace and peace to you!

With joy and love we welcome you to our community of faith.

Our hearts, our doors, our worship and activities are open to all. We are inter-generational and inclusive of people of all abilities and life circumstances. We welcome your faith questions, energetic kids, gifts and talents, hopes and fears, needs and prayers.  We have Christ’s love to share and plenty of folks who care!

You are invited to worship God with us, celebrate life with us, learn and serve Christ with us, and join our family of faith.


Rev. Katja Gruening