Palm Sunday fun: we are having a virtual palm parade next Sunday. For that we need your participation!

1) print out and color the palm leaf page, link below, OR make your own – cut a leaf out of green wrapping paper or construction paper, or if you have palm houseplant or something leafy, use it. If you’re ambitious, see what Pinterest has to suggest!


2) take a photo of your smiling face with your palm/leafy green thing. Selfie, or family photo, or whatever you can do.

3) send the photo to: pastorkatja@gmail.com

4) Katja will turn your photos into a Palm Parade video for next Sunday!

5) This will be online. If you don’t want your face online (thinking of parents w/kids in particular), take a photo without your face in it – get creative! An arm waving the palm, or you can get a fun pic of kids coloring theirs in from behind them – lots of options, or just share their creations.

6) send your palm photo by Friday morning.


Worship via Facebook Live for April 5th, 2020 at 10am

Bulletin for Sunday, April 5th, 2020 – Palm Sunday

You will be able to join us in worship by watching our live video on our Facebook page!

We are shifting an hour later, as our friends over at First Presbyterian Church of Yale are also participating, and are used to a 10:30am service, so we are trying to split the difference.

You do not need to be a Facebook user or have an account – login to watch!

Just click on the link below, and scroll down to the top of the newsfeed to watch.

If you are not logged into Facebook, it will  prompt you to login or set up an account – but at the bottom it will say “remind me later” – click that and it’ll go away, and let you watch in peace! You can tune in live at 10am or watched later at your convenience.


Church Family & Friends:

We have a plan for continuing to do ministry and be the church during Covid-19.

The Pastor’s Letter and information on those new opportunities are found here:

Pastoral Letter – Our Ministry During Covid-19



Grace and peace to you!

With joy and love we welcome you to our community of faith.

Our hearts, our doors, our worship and activities are open to all. We are inter-generational and inclusive of people of all abilities and life circumstances. We welcome your faith questions, energetic kids, gifts and talents, hopes and fears, needs and prayers.  We have Christ’s love to share and plenty of folks who care!

You are invited to worship God with us, celebrate life with us, learn and serve Christ with us, and join our family of faith.


Rev. Katja Gruening